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European Union Law (International and European Law)

Prof. dr. Christina Eckes

‘Nothing compares to EU Law. It does not fit any of the categories of law that you are familiar with from your bachelor studies. It is neither international nor national law but has characteristics of both. It is a mix of public and private law. It also has certain common law features. Above all, it is an illustrative example of how law and politics are inextricably linked; it is exceptionally dynamic, if compared to international or national constitutional law; and it is only becoming more and more relevant for all areas of law and life. After studying with us, you will no longer be able to pick up a newspaper without seeing EU law issues on every page.’

Prof. Dr. Christina Eckes is Professor of European Law at the UvA. Her research interests are the limits of legal integration, judicial protection and the EU’s external relations. In the academic year 2017/18 she teaches the core course of Principles and Foundations of European Union Law, EU Constitutional Law, and EU Foreign Relations Law.

mw. prof. dr. C. (Christina) Eckes

Faculteit der Rechtsgeleerdheid

Europees recht

Dr. Ronald van Ooik

‘The Master's programme offers students many possibilities to put the acquired knowledge into practice, such as an internship, scientific research on EU Law for third parties (Amsterdam International Law Clinic), a study visit to the European Institutions and participation in the prestigious European Law Moot Court.’

Dr. Ronald van Ooik is senior lecturer and researcher in European Law. His main focus is on the institutional law of the European Union and the law of international organisations.


dhr. dr. T.A.J.A. (Thomas) Vandamme

Programme coordinator

dhr. prof. dr. S.F. (Steven) Blockmans

Prof. dr. S.F. (Steven) Blockmans

mw. dr. K.J. (Kati) Cseres

Dr. Kati Cseres

mw. prof. dr. C. (Christina) Eckes

Prof. dr. Christina Eckes

dhr. prof. dr. P.J. (Pieter Jan) Kuijper

Prof. em. Pieter Jan Kuijper

mw. dr. D. (Daniela) Obradovic

Dr. Daniela Obradovic

dhr. mr. dr. R.H. (Ronald) van Ooik

Dr. Ronald van Ooik

mw. prof. dr. A.A.M. (Annette) Schrauwen

Prof. dr. Annette Schrauwen

dhr. prof. mr. dr. R. (Rene) Smits

Prof. dr. René Smits

mw. dr. M. (Maria) Weimer

Dr. Maria Weimer

dhr. prof. dr. mr. R. (Rein) Wesseling

Prof. dr. Rein Wesseling