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Information Law (Research Master's)

Meet the students that take the Research Master's Information Law at the Amsterdam Law School of the UvA.

‘You get the chance to further specialize at a university abroad’

David Korteweg, ‘If you are interested in becoming a lawyer or would like to work on the policy side of these issues, the Research Master’s programme is hard to beat.’


Sarah Eskens

‘I like rethinking rules to fit new circumstances’

Sarah Eskens went on to do a PhD after finishing her Master's in Information Law. She takes a special interest in the involvement of law in technological progress.



Sam van Velze

‘I intended to learn everything about information law’

As a student, Sam van Velze won a prize for her thesis. She later went on to work for one of the top law firms in the field of information law.


Robert van Schaik, student Information Law

‘There are ample opportunities to join in’

When Robert van Schaik commenced the Research Master's programme in Information Law, he was mostly interested in civil and political human rights. His interests quickly evolved to a much wider palette.


Kelly and Vicky Breemen

‘Do what you enjoy’

According to the successful sisters Vicky & Kelly Breemen personal interest plus open research atmosphere are key to academic success.